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  • Custom Search as a hardcoded URL or Module

    We have a custom plugin that uses hardcoded links and we are having trouble getting the correct url for New Topics and Today's Topics. I thought I could copy/paste the URLs form this website (not to include the vbulletin domain) and that was it. It was but when the next day comes, the query shows different results.

    New Topics:

    We are flexible to use the Search Module for this. We need to only show post within the last 24 hours only OR new posts ascending down to yesterday etc. On top of that are posts the logged in user has not read (unread posts). Possible?

    Today's Topics:

    Still flexible on using a Search Model, only show posts created today. Can I use an hardcoded URL for this query? If not, how to configure the Search Model options for both navigations? Thanks

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    The concept of "New Topics" and "Today's Topics" are to always show different content. New Topics shows registered users unread content that has been created since their last visit. Today's Topics will only show content created in the last 24 hours. This is built into their links. You should use a search module, change the settings to show the content you want and use that. However, searches are not static so the content will change over time.
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