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Incorrect user and redirect paths

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  • [Bug / Issue] Incorrect user and redirect paths

    We have installed vbulletin on server A. Server B is configured to use /forum/ which /forum/ points to Server A. Our vBulletin URL and Login URL are as follows:

    // vBulletin URL
    // core
    Everything seems to work. When an admin is on an user profile page and clicks the edit button (that pencil), it takes us to the admincp but displays a blank page. The error is that of mixed content, the page is trying to load:

    // in console, it's blocking:<userid>
    Two things here:
    1. It's loading http instead of https
    2. where is the /forum/
    I cannot think of a setting to change. In our .htaccess file, if I uncomment:

    # RewriteBase /forum/
    our site breaks. Was that really meant to be uncommented and sort the error it faces when uncommented?

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    Add the following to your headinclude template:

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="upgrade-insecure-requests">

    Does that remedy the mixed content error?

    You have modified your software so much it is impossible to know what to do about the routing without actually looking at it.


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      You may recall we mentioned some time ago that you should not edit the php files that handle routing. This is exactly the sort of reason why.

      You should take a backup of the files and database and restore a complete set of default files.

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        Sorry but nothing to do with that file: routing.php. I've also reverted all changes and same issue. Before I ask questions, I revert all changes.


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          Go to Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details. Make sure that Always use Forum URL as Base Path is set to Yes.
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