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    When I look at my Who's Online page, often the "Location" part is blank. Why would that be?
    Secondly, there is often a little blue circular question mark icon to the right of that section; sometimes it displays a page url, sometimes it does nothing. Again, I'm just wondering why?


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    The simple answer is that the user isn't always at a location you can travel to. They could be on page 10 of a 60 post topic where you only have 3 pages due to personal settings. They could have made a request via AJAX which loads content but it is dependent on their account such as a search that you wouldn't be able to see. In vBulletin 3 and 4 it was easier because the user was always at somefile.php?var=XXX. This is easier to parse than a JSON string that gets sent behind the scenes. All users are always at index.php.

    The harder answer is that the session handling needs to be more robust to handle these issues better. However, since it is an improvement and not fixing a bug, it hasn't received the priority to be changed yet.
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