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  • Posts sometimes not showing up immediately


    Recently on it's been reported that a post was made in one of the forums but it didn't show up in that forum.

    It showed up in the "latest topics" preview window but not in the forum where it was made.

    Later when a reply was made to the post it showed up in the appropriate forum.

    This has been witnessed by several moderators, so it's not a web browser or viewer's account issue.

    As we were discussing this it turns out that this happens about once per month with different posters and different forums on the site.

    I'm at a loss. What should I be looking at, what might be causing this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    We get something similar but always with moderated posts. If we reply it then shows.

    Also, very occasionally after it is moderated, it does not show at all and we have to go into the adminCP and find the post via the moderator log, unapprove it, then approve again. Then all is well.

    It's impossible to replicate as it happens so infrequently.
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