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  • Most styles missing

    Hi there,

    most (but not all) styles are missing on the frontend. The background image, calendar layouts, social group creation form, icons and some other elements show correctly but most styles and layouts aren't there. However the admincp is displayed without any problems. The whole site works, it's just the styles that are missing. I have the newest version of VB (just downloaded it from the members area and it is a fresh install. The path settings are correct. I can see in the dev console that there seems to be an AJAX call loading CSS but it returns an error "no css".

    Webserver: Apache, PHP Version: 5.6.36

    I tried switching to a different theme and cleared the system and browser cache.

    Even though I am a web developer, I couldn't solve this by myself because I don't know the code of VBulletin that well. Help is greatly appreciated.
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    Go to the AdminCP. Go to Settings -> Options -> Style and Language Options. Set "Store CSS as Files" to the opposite to how it is currently set. Save. Does it work now?

    If you had it set to Yes, change it back and rewrite your CSS files to the disk.
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      Thank you for the quick and helpful reply! Switching from "no" to "yes" fixed it.
      However I discovered two more strange little problems. Logging in via the frontend works but logging in directly via the admincp often doesn't. The login page just reloads, no "wrong password" or other error messages, just reloading the page.
      Second thing is that sometimes if I load a settings page in the admin cp, the browser shows a message "this page may be temporarily unavailable". This error just appears randomly in about 1/3 of setting page loads and isn't bound to a specific setting group.


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