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  • Topic not updating until clear cache

    After having problems with the speed of the forums it is a little bit better after i using APCu af level 0 caching.

    But after activating this i have the issue that when someone post a message in a topic it showed up after i do Clear System Cache in the Admin CP. If someone has replied to a subscribed topic you get the message in notification above the forum but when you go to the topic you see nothing until you hit the button in the Admin CP again.

    Anyone knows where i need to watch to get this updated directly.

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    I recommend using a different caching system instead of APCu. Memcached is the preferred caching mechanism.

    What OS, PHP Version and APCu Version are you using?
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      PHP 7.0 (7.2 gives at this moments errors)
      APCU: 5.1.8
      OS Debian (Not sure which version shared plan)
      VB version 5.4.1

      Also memcached is not installed and in the past they have reject a request to make it possible.
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        Now the time is about 30 minutes when the post comes online without clearing cache in admin cp.


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