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vbulletin 5 error in fetch page as google , getting error /googlelogin/json/ unreachable

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  • vbulletin 5 error in fetch page as google , getting error /googlelogin/json/ unreachable

    in the crawl tool of google webmasters and when trying to use "FETCH PAGE AS GOOGLE", we get an error "/googlelogin/json/ unreachable "

    also tried to search for /googlelogin/json/ in the vBulletin root directory , only /googlelogin exists as a directory in /core/packages/ , but the /json folder does not even exist

    any thoughts would be appreciated

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    also just now another unreachable directory "/uploader/url" , just as the "/json" directory , when searched on the server we cannot find neither of the two directories "uploader" and "url"

    in both cases it seems to be google is looking for something it knows it should be there but it didnt find it


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      URLs do not relate to specific folders .They relate to PHP classes and routes determined by vBulletin during installation and runtime. The only URL that will match to a directory 100% is the Forum URL you set in the AdminCP. Every single URL gets redirected to index.php so vBulletin can determine what to load.

      Google shouldn't try to crawl either of these URLs. You should exclude them in the robots.txt that you have created in the root of your site.
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