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The Statistics Module data and message numbers don't match

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  • The Statistics Module data and message numbers don't match

    We are a new forum and the staff and members are planning to have a little celebration when we reach our 100,000th message. The statistics module show we have 96,870 posts but some of the addresses for recent messages contain numbers a couple thousand over 102,000 for example

    We started out on vBulleting Cloud and are on vBulletin Connect now v 5.3.4

    Any ideas why the statistics module and the message numbers are about 4,000 apart?

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    Because the two numbers aren't really related.

    The statistics counts the posts currently in the system. Whenever anything is deleted, this number will be adjusted.

    The nodeid counts the node of everything that is in the system including posts, channels, and attachments from the time the site was started. This number never decreases. Nodeids will not be reused if something is deleted.
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      Thanks, easil understood. Appreciate the answer.


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