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What is the name of the Table Posts in MySQL vbulletin 5

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  • What is the name of the Table Posts in MySQL vbulletin 5

    What is the name of the MySQL Table in vbulletin 5 that Post's contents are stored in?
    Hi, I just want to transfer the TABLE that stores the user's posts from the old database to the new one.
    I found it , the "postedithistory" table and transmitted it from the database, but still I have not recovered some of the posts I had posted in the past few days.

    I want to know what the user's internal posts are stored and which one should I transfer to the new database
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    You cannot merge content from one vB5 database to another in this way.

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      A single post would be a combination of the closure, node, and text tables.

      The node contains the metadata (i.e. title and user information) of everything. That includes channels (forums, articles, blogs, social groups, private messages), topics, replies, comments, and attachments. The text table holds the content. The "closure" table holds the hierarchal chain from Node 1 (Home Channel) to the post in a parent child relationship. There needs to be a single parent <-> child record for every step of the way for every single post. For this post it would be Home -> Forum -> vBulletin 5 Connect -> vBulletin 5 Connect Questions, Problems, Troubleshooting -> vBulletin 5 Support Issues -> Your topic starter -> This Reply. This Reply needs a record in the closure table linking it to each parent. So that is 7 records. The Topic Starter has 6 records. vBulletin 5 Support Issues has 5 records. Etc...

      This makes it very easy to find stuff with programming languages. Not so easy to update or change manually. You can't just copy these tables. You would need to manually update each and every record in each table with their new node IDs which are an auto-increment value and cannot be duplicated under any circumstance.
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