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CPU spike, page hung, site down after adding a module

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  • [Documentation] CPU spike, page hung, site down after adding a module

    I don't need help, I was having this problem yesterday and after I fixed it I figured I should post it some where in the event that someone else has this issue.

    I was editing my site and went to 'edit page' for the main page of the forum. Added a module and hit save, it prompted if I was sure and it would overwrite any template that used it, hit ok and that was the last time my site worked. Not sure if something got hung up or not but it definitely was down. On the server it wouldn't error out or leave anything in the logs of failure, the CPU would hit 100% for each thread (or some percentage depending on how many threads were going). Tried clearing caches, tried different browsers, restarted apache and mysql on the machine, killed the PHP processes, reloaded the template (I could still get into the admin panel but the page wouldn't render enough for me to remove the module), removed any modified CSS in the styles - nada.

    What I did to solve it (and ymmv, so do at your own risk obviously) was in the table 'widgetinstance' I found all of the widgets that coincided with the 'pagetemplateid' (happened to be 1 in this instance which I found in the table 'pagetemplate'), did an export of the entire table for backup purposes, then nuked the last 2 entries for that template id. Site came right back and is running smoothly again.

    Hope that helps someone.

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    What was the module you added?

    How many modules do you have on the page? Each module added to a page will add to its system requirement needs in a minor way.
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      I don't remember which one I was adding. Nothing too dramatic (I was probably just adding something like a slider) as I only have the default modules loaded.


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