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    For some reason, this i upgraded to 5.4.0, users are telling me that when they go in a conversation and they go back to the forum it is in, the discussions stays "unread", and of course the forum itslef still displays as it had new content.

    I have had an issue for a year since the upgrade from 3.0 with notifications that are not automatically dismissed when users go on the discussion. I would think both are linked but i am no expert.

    I know server side caching is the usual suspect but i don"t have anything like that on my server, plus the notifications do not ever get dismissed and i would expect them to do so after a while (cache expiration) if it was server side caching.

    I am starting to worry that it might become more and more a problem over time...
    Thanks for your help,

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    To be more precise, my DB ended up messed up with latin1 and utf8 after the upgrade from 3.0 to 5.2.5 at the time.
    This was because the initial DB was latin1 and was imported on a new DB that was UTF8 by default. In the end all "old" tables were latin1 and tables created during the upgrade process were utf8.

    I managed to migrate it fully to utf8 but i suspect that for some reason some part may have been double encoded. I dont really understand how the information that a user borwsed a page is stored but i suspect this might be where my problem is.


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      I updated our forum to 5.4.1 last week (from 5.3.2) and a customer has reported this issue as well. The open cloud/blue cloud used to indicate whether there were read threads and it's no longer doing that. We are using the inactivity/cookie method of marking type and we've never changed this. I did not have any issues with the update.


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        Glad to see I am not the only one !

        It looks like my analysis is wrong and it has nothing to do with my other issue


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          Originally posted by clearvue View Post
          We are using the inactivity/cookie method of marking type and we've never changed this.
          Don't do this... it is the most inaccurate method. It should be set to Database, Automatically mark as read..

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            Holly sh*t ! Changing this setting both solved this issue and my issue with notifications not being automatically dismissed !

            I guess the setting was just inherited from the vb3.0 site and i never knew it was not the good one.
            Thanks a lot, i am so relieved right now that this was not a DB issue, and a bit frustrated to have waited one year to find this out .


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