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    Hi everyone,

    the "Articles" page displays articles very well, the "Articles Home Page " Template of this page is ok, the "Article Channel Display" Module in this page is ok... but

    when i tried to create a new page as a home page using "Articles Home Page Template" i get this :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	temp2.png
Views:	39
Size:	20.2 KB
ID:	4389214

    so i tried to edit the "Article Channel Display" Module of the new page, i get this, something is missing in yellow ellipse:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	temp1.png
Views:	37
Size:	70.3 KB
ID:	4389215

    is this a bug ? or it's impossible to have 2 pages using the same template ? it's working with Blog templates..

    second question please: when i enter to: edit page > select template, i see many templates that i created when i created new pages, how to delete them ?

    Thank you very much for your time,,

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    What you're trying to do won't work. A new custom page won't work with the default Articles page template. Pages are not channels and don't contain a NODE ID. The Article Page template only works with channels that are created to hold articles.

    Why not just make the articles page that is provided by the system the home page?
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    Wayne Luke
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      thank you Wayne Luke for the reply, i appreciate your efforts

      i assure that i succeed to make a new "Home page" customized and based on "Blogs Main Template", the same template as the "Blogs" page, the "Home" page and the "Blogs" page are working independently and very well, the "Blog Home Module" is edited and customized independently in the 2 pages very well, so i expect that is working with "Articles Home Page " Template which will be better... but without success.

      i was trying to create a new home page based on "Articles" page, because:
      - only "Articles Home Page " Template can displays articles with image preview, not the search module
      - to make a home page with previews of all the pages activities: Forum, Blogs, Groups...
      - to keep the "Article" pages, renamed as News page with only news articles, with images preview in the articles list..


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        As Wayne said, that isn’t going to work. The nearest you will get is search modules.

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          may be VB should give more flexibility to set the Home page, or at least the search module should give the possibility to show images previews, therefore VB would be sufficient by itself and visually very attractive, anyway, thank you Mark.B for the confirmation, thank you Luke


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            You can set either the Blog or Articles page to be your home page.

            All of this is done in Site Builder.

            1) While visiting the Home Page (default is forum listing) of your site click Edit Page.
            2) Save this Page.
            3) On the save dialog enter "forums" in for the URL.
            4) Finish Saving.
            5) Visit the Articles page.
            6) Click "Edit Site"
            7) Save the page.
            8) In the URL box, empty its contents.
            9) Finish saving.

            Now the Article page is your home page. You'll need to update the links in the Navigation Bar so they work properly as they are separate from the actual pages.
            Translations provided by Google.

            Wayne Luke
            The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
            vBulletin 5 API


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            i just voted for it, God bless you Luke


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