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  • [Bug / Issue] Articles as Homepage

    Good day!

    I have some issues I'm trying to resolve.

    I am trying to make the articles page the default landing page and also called "home" I've tried doing all sorts of workarounds and now I got the default template for articles to be the "/" directory. However, there is a problem. In the default "baseline" build of vbulletin, it would only show the articles that have been posted. When turning the articles into the "/" directory it now treats all posts as articles. Is this intended? Seems like a bug for what seems like a critical CMS issue. The default landing page should be news and information to put out for the users, not this mess of streams.

    To see my issue first hand (and all the bots on my forum currently helping me test the functionality of front page) please visit

    What should I do?

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    That isn't the Articles page shown. You merely changed the tab and not the actual articles page. You need to edit the Forum page by clicking "Edit Page" and give it a URL other than /. Then you need to edit /articles and change its URL to / (leave the field blank). Then update the tabs to show the appropriate content under Navigation Bar.
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