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v5.4.0 "Go to first new post" link dissapeared

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  • v5.4.0 "Go to first new post" link dissapeared


    I just finished an upgrade from 5.3.1 to 5.4.0 and I thought it went reasonably smoothly but one thing seems to have gone wrong.

    The installation used to have a link next to threads that have unread posts that said "Go to first new post". Now it's just this:

     <span class="vb-icon vb-icon-topic-status js-open-close-topic h-hide-on-small h-hide-on-narrow-column" title="Contains unread posts."></span>
    Does anyone know why this may have happened? I'm assuming it's a skin issue, where would I go to look for it?

    Is there a button somewhere that will show me differences between the default skin and its current state? Longer-term I'd like to get rid of as many customizations as possible, but I can't even see where they are except after an upgrade when I have to confirm the style merges.

    This is the forum:

    Thanks in advance.

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    Found it, it was here:

    vB original:

    <a href="{vb:url {vb:raw topic.routeid}, {vb:raw topic}, {vb:raw querystring}}" class="go-to-first-unread b-icon b-icon__double-arrow-down--blue js-go-to-first-unread" title="{vb:phrase 'go_to_first_new_post'}">&nbsp;</a>
    Bad customized value:

    <a href="{vb:url {vb:raw topic.routeid}, {vb:raw topic}, {vb:raw querystring}}" class="go-to-first-unread js-go-to-first-unread" title="{vb:phrase 'go_to_first_new_post'}">&nbsp;</a>
    I've seriously got to find a way to remove all these random customizations.


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      You can view the changes between the default template and the edited template by clicking the "View History" link when editing a template.

      You can delete customizations simply by clicking "Revert" button for a template or using one of the default styles provided.
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