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  • adv banner within the header

    Hi community,
    I need to move the adv banner within the header.
    Please check the screenshot

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    I believe there is some code on that uses CSS to move it down. That space wasn't designed to hold ads by default. However, there is a template hook (header_toolbar) in that location and you can create a new custom template to hold your Ad code and assign it to that hook.

    To use template hooks, follow these instructions:
    1. In the AdminCP go to Styles -> Style Manager
    2. Select "Add New Template" in the dropdown menu for your style
    3. Give the template a title. For example "header_ad" in this case.
    4. Add your HTML code.
    5. Save the template.
    6. In the AdminCP go to Products & Hooks -> Manage Template Hooks
    7. Click "Add New Template Hook"
    8. Give it a name.
    9. Assign the template you created above.
    10. Set the hook location (i.e. header_toolbar)
    11. Save.
    If you allow the use of multiple styles, you'll have to add the custom template to each style.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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