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Problem with avatars after upgrade from vb4

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  • Problem with avatars after upgrade from vb4


    After upgrading from vb4, all users seems to have the default image as their avatar. I see the dafult in every profile and in postbit.

    However, there must be a setting where users still have their preovious avatar, because I can see in main page (in last replies) and in admin panel, if I go to random users, I can see their avatars there.

    I tried to Rebuild Custom Avatar Thumbnails, clear system cache a few times and moving from filesystem to database and viceversa, but none of this solves the issue.

    If I set a new avatar in my profile, everything works as expected so it's not a big issue because I can tell all users to set their avatar again (although we used predefined avatars in vb4, users had to pick their avatar from the gallery and as this function is not available in vb5 I will have to make a post or a page indicating what is the url for every avatar... so it will be a bit of a pain in the ass, but we don't have too much avatars so...).

    Another thing: I'm forced to crop the avatar if it's not square by doing it in user profile, however if I set avatar in admin panel I can set a not sqaure avatar... is it normal?
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    When you upgraded from vB4, did you copy the customavatars directory over to the /core directory?
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      Yes, I did.


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        I am having a similar problem - linked avatars are fine, but uploaded avatars don't show in the postbit. This happens both in custom and default styles.

        For example, the avatar here is fine, but it's broken here.

        The image URL in the user profile and in the postbit are not identical; the postbit has an additional "&thumb=1"

        I guess the best way to fix this for my installation is to hack the vBulletin code, in which file is the avatar URL for the postbit defined? Do you also want me to file a bug report?

        ETA: Found the solution, Admin Panel -> Maintenance -> General Update Tools -> Rebuild Custom Avatar Thumbnails
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