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  • [Site Builder] ADV and banner on VB5

    Hi guys....

    On VB3....for adv (banners) I always used OPENX (ad server)... to upload my banners and have stats... (rotating banner on same zone, priority, set maximum number of visualization, and more) (openx after u have uploaded images and link, give u an invocation code to put on style and so... banner ready)

    But now openx is dead....

    What to u use for adv?


    On old VB3 I've got 3 positions.... UP CENTER Leaderboard (728x90) (example DAINESE)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	banner-dainese-928x90-ps.jpg
Views:	114
Size:	218.7 KB
ID:	4387182

    First message rectangle 300x250 (like 'make life.....S1000RR)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	banner-s1000rr-ps.jpg
Views:	75
Size:	215.5 KB
ID:	4387183

    And double classical banner 468x60 (ex. starlane and rewin)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	starlane-banner-ps-luglio-2013.jpg
Views:	148
Size:	144.5 KB
ID:	4387181

    Any ideas?

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    Yes as I'm seeing now on the demo of VB5 you can add the banner in the way told by Glenn, but is foundamental function that as I can see is still not managed nothing on VB5. And it is not good, seeing that is the only way that an admin can monetize a bit all the work made in years.
    The best thing, now that they have added a way to add the banners more simple, is to create also a section to manage these banners as is there on other forum platforms, but better.
    A section where it shows all the banners you have added and let you see how many clicks or visualization that banner have had, where is also possible to set who buy that banner and for how many time must be online and when the period setted to show the banner finish the banner is automaticaly not visualized anymore. And also if you want use one banner in that position or must be in rotation with others and maybe a way to set also how many time must pass before the system change the banner in the rotation, for example 1, 2, 3, 4, seconds and so on.
    This can be implemented in the section "Paid Suscription" that can become "ADS and Paid Subscription".
    So that as a piad subscription, can be selected if an user can have speciale permissions, or an ads active for the time of the subscription.
    That sure is a great future that VB can add and will be more appreciated from all.
    Last edited by markoroots; Fri 14 Feb '20, 6:08am.


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