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Include javascript file in create thread page

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  • Include javascript file in create thread page

    I want to run some Jquery code when we try to create a thread's first post. Where is the step by step instruction or help do add a js file?

    Why always I find useless results in Google about vBulletin questions?

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    You can add an HTML module and add JavaScript code in there. We cannot offer any support for custom code however.

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      I would suggest a template hook over a module. The editor has several template hooks that may suit your purpose. Or you can simply add it to one of the footer template hooks on your page. However, you request is really vague so suggesting a number of steps to implement it is difficult.

      To use template hooks, you would put your custom code in a new custom template (Add New Template in the Options Dropdown in the Style Manager). Then assign that template to a hook under Hooks & Products -> Manage Template Hooks. Your new template will be included at the hook location selected.
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        Can you please help me with it's documentation? I'll study and do. I need to inject a javascript file which will do something.


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          What does the jQuery code you're inserting do?

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