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How is the Trending Module supposed to work?

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  • How is the Trending Module supposed to work?

    Because it seems broken. On the Forums Activity Page, the default Trending Module is there. It is set to pull content from the page, with all the forums there. It is set to 90 days. It is set to show discussions. But if I create new discussions, today, they don't end up in there. Am I misunderstanding how this module is supposed to work? I expect the last 5 discussions posts to show up in there, if nothing else is checked... In fact, having a very difficult time getting anything to show up in there. It seems there may be a bug relate to having Categories in your Forums.

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    Trending topics is not the same as most recent topics.

    This is the logic used, according to the developers:

    The weight is calculated as "posts/hour" with a couple of twists.

    First we consider the timespan we're looking at to be either the lookback period OR the lifetime of the topic whichever is shorter
    (this gives a boost to recent topics that haven't had as much time to gather large numbers of posts).

    Second we set a minimum for the timespan (based on configuration passed to us)
    This prevents a new topic from getting elevated simply because it's new and thus a couple of posts turns into an ungodly number of posts/hour.
    We already have a recent topics feature, this is intended to show topics with some momentum.

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      Thanks, I wondered if it was something like that. So, since I'm still programming a non-public forum, it would probably be difficult for me to see if this module is actually working until I have some actual traffic and people making posts. Or, I'd have to make a bunch of test posts within a certain period of time to trigger it...


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        how do i email trending topics to users in the group?


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          Originally posted by dannycsz View Post

          how do i email trending topics to users in the group?
          There is no method to do this at this time.
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