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    My site is currently running vb4 with vbadvanced home page. I have setup a duplicate server to test the vb5 upgrade. Got through the upgrade just fine and now I am fine tuning it to closely match the current. I know vbadvanced does not work with vb5 and am trying to figure out how to create the home page. One of the items I need to recreate is a recent thread list. I found the activity module but it does not allow you to choose which topic groups to grab information from. Is there another module I can you to do this?

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    You would use the Search Module.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      Thanks for the help. Have another question. Have a couple html modules in my vb4 installation I need to recreate in vb5. The vbadvanced html module editor is more WYSIWYG than the vb5. Is there a more dynamic vb5 html module that has more options and friendlier for those who don't know html coding that well?


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        Nevermind. Found a text to html converter online.


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