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Unable to login on the frontpage

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  • Unable to login on the frontpage

    I installed a fresh vbulletin 5.3.4 with a new license bought three days ago.

    I can login in Admincp but I am unable login on the frontpage. There is no customization and all settings are default. When I try to login nothing happens. The login form is reloading with no error.

    I desactivated my license for this domain in Member Aera (my vBulletin account), edited my license and activated it for my other domain on another server for testing the issue but I am getting the following error message at the step 2 of the install:

    Action Required
    The server returned no response. This is probably due to a timeout setting. Please contact vBulletin Support for assistance
    Script: install
    Step: 2

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    ok it seems fixed on my first domain.

    Will retest tomorrow. Going to bed


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      If you've moved the forum from one domain to another, you need to edit the URL settings in the admincp to reflect the new location.
      Note: Do not remove the word 'core' from the end of the third setting.

      Editing the license has no impact on whether your site will work or not, it merely tells us where your licensed site is. This is important to prevent any anti-piracy action being instigated (as if a site is found with no corresponding license, that's what happens) but it won't directly impact the functionality of the site itself.

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