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Can't target a notice to the "Home" page

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  • Can't target a notice to the "Home" page

    The Home Page is not really a Channel, but an Activity Module displaying the forums and other modules on that page, or so I've been told.

    I wanted to target the "default_guest_message" which tells you you may need to register or log-in to just that page, and all of the child forums. I don't want it to appear on some of my other custom pages that have no content you need to register for. But this seems not possible.

    If I edit the Notice in the Notices Manager, I can choose "User is browsing channel [Forums] or one of its child channels", and this indeed works to put that notice in Forums and everything under it (and removes it from my custom pages - so far so good.) But not on the Home Page. And the Home Page is not in the list of pages/channels you can choose.

    Even if I wanted to make a special notice to appear on the Home Page only, it seems not possible, unless I'm missing something...

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    Use an announcement. They can be targeted specifically to the Home Page.


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      Announcements are an option. You can also hide it with CSS using something like:
      .pageXX [data-notice-id='1'] {display:none;}

      The XX would be the page id. This can be seen in the source code within the body tag like:
      <body id="vb-page-body" class="l-desktop [B]page69[/B] vb-page view-mode" itemscope="" itemtype="" data-usergroupid="6" data-styleid="3" data-gr-c-s-loaded="true" cz-shortcut-listen="true">
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        Thanks for the suggestions. But it would seem to be an oversight that you can't target a notice specifically to the Home Page, especially since there is a JIRA about getting rid of announcements and simply replacing them with notices:

        I added a comment to it referencing this discussion.


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