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  • Transferring hosts

    I recently transferred my host for my website. Prior to the move, it was now it is

    I have uploaded the MySQL to the new database, gone into the config.php file in core/includes and changed the prefixes for the database as well as the password. I've also gone into phpmyadmin and changed the settings forum url to match

    However my website is loading like this:

    And when I try to login, via the login link it takes me to

    What else do I need to change to make this work?


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    You need to reset the URL in vBulletin's options. It is still trying to access everything from the original subdomain. Since this no longer exists, it will receive 404 errors and the browser cannot render the site properly.
    1. Upload tools.php from the do_not_upload folder of your vBulletin download package. Place it in the /core/admincp directory.
    2. Upload /core/install from the upload folder of your vBulletin download package. The install directory needs to be inside the /core directory on the server.
    3. Go to tools.php in your browser:
    4. Enter your Customer Number.
    5. Select the Tool to update your URL.
    6. Enter in your new URL. Save.
    7. Delete /core/install
    8. Delete /core/admincp/tools.php
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    Wayne Luke
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      I have done this, however the website still looks the same. When I go to login it gives me this error:

      Unable to redirect to the correct login URL.

      This usually means that the login URL is incorrectly configured for this site. Please contact the administrator for further help.


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        Nevermind, I figured it out. I was using the http instead of https and it was trying to pull from both places and refusing. Thanks! This can be closed


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