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What is the difference, philosophically, between notices and announcements?

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  • What is the difference, philosophically, between notices and announcements?

    I'm configuring a new vB5 site. Playing around. Wondering what is the intended difference between notices and announcements, they seem very similar in look and approach.

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    I would say the main difference is an announcement shows to everyone but a notice can be set to show to different user group or even those with certain amounts of posts. They can also be personalised with user name and forum features such as links to the register page or some others pages, they are all listed in the notice set up box.
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      In all reality, the two systems should be merged. The only benefits that Announcements offer in vBulletin 5 are that they can 1) can be displayed in a module, 2) can use BBCode. Notices perform the exact same function but are more configurable and do not parse BBCode.
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        Interesting. I voted and commented on the issue, I agree it would be good to merge them.

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