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    Good Afternoon everyone! It's been many years since I used vBulletin and just jumping back in the game, so basically starting from scratch and appreciate the patience . I'm just beginning the site and at least for now, I'd like it to be focused on just the forum piece rather than the Articles/Blogs which I may add at a later date. Is there a way to disable / hide these until I am ready to activate?

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    In the AdminCP go to Usergroups -> Channel Permissions. Scroll down to Articles and click the "Deny All" link to the right of the channel name. Do the same for the Blogs channel. To enable them in the future, you would click the "Reset" link in the same location.

    To remove the navigation bar links, go to Site Builder on the front-end and click Edit Site, then click Navigation Bar. Click the trashcan icon to remove the links. To add them back in later, just add new navigation bar links pointing to the articles or blogs respectively. Alternatively, you can edit the Navigation links and change their permissions so they don't show to most usergroups. However, they have to show to at least one for the permissions to have any effect.
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