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CKEditor a desaster?

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  • CKEditor a desaster?

    Did someone actually ever used this editor to create articles or posts with pictures and captions below the picture?

    Sorry, but for me it is a desaster to get a good design. Somehow the pictures and the captions are rows below or above their actual positions and so on... It is really, really, really bad.


    How it should look like:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.PNG
Views:	17
Size:	310.2 KB
ID:	4381334

    How it looks like when you send the post:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.PNG
Views:	12
Size:	312.5 KB
ID:	4381335

    Sometimes i spend minutes and minutes just to fix the design after sending an post to my forum. There are always to less or to many rows between the pics... whats the matter??

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    A disaster? No. There may be some issues with your specific demands. Most users aren't as demanding. You can use custom CSS to overwrite the display to fit your needs. Double-clicking the image allows you to set custom CSS on the image if you have the "Can Define Arbitrary Styles for Inline Attached Images" permission.
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      I just want my post look like the text i wrote before. I dont want any additional lines between text and pictures when i send them to the forum.
      How can this be standard?


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        You may be running into this bug:

        VBV-17048 Ckeditor blank line subtractions and additions around images, and lists

        This has been fixed in the next release, 5.3.4. You can currently download and test this from the members' area, it is at RC2 stage.

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          That sounds good, thanks for the Information! Gonna try that one!


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            Did not solve the Problem for me.


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              I'm not sure what that actually shows, but if it seems to be still broken, I'd recommend logging a new bug, and referencing the old one.
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