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Hybrid text direction?

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  • Wayne Luke
    You can create a BBCode that implements HTML's BDO tag in content. It is designed to override the text direction. You can learn more about it here:

    Custom BBCodes -> Add New BBCode:

    Title: BDO
    BBCode Title: BDO
    Replacement: <bdo dir="ltr">{param}</bdo>
    Example: [bdo]English Text Here[/bdo]
    Description: Bidirectional Override BBCode.
    Use {option}: No
    Set the rest as you see fit.

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  • Mohammed Abu Risha
    started a topic Hybrid text direction?

    Hybrid text direction?

    Hello everybody

    When typing an Arabic sentence containing English words, the whole order is confused after the post is made, even if I set the alignment to right. I checked the options in the control panel and found that it gives two options: Either left to right or right to left. Is there anyway to have the witing system in a given post override the default one set in the options? Is there any way to allow for a hybrid text direction whereby any sentence in a post in deemed as Arabic (RLT) if it starts with an Arabic word, and vice-versa with English?

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