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vB3 to vB5 upgrade: Invalid Page URL on every page

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  • vB3 to vB5 upgrade: Invalid Page URL on every page

    I was able to run the upgrade script from vBulletin 3.8.7 to 5.3.3

    Pages load, but not the contents of the page. Every page shows:
    Invalid Page URL

    I did some debugging and it looks like the $matches variable is NULL on core/vb5/route.php line 844:
    if (preg_match($pattern, $matchPath, $matches))

    So it doesn't return any routes, as the next lines of code show:

    // if we got here, there were no matching routes
    return null;

    I tried all the repair options in tools.php including repairing routes multiple times

    The only thing that *is* working, is I am able to login to the AdminCP

    Any ideas?

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    This was due to a typo in my NGINX configuration rules, issue solved!


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      Please remove any addons before upgrading. Including any that rewrite URLs. Non-standard URLs are not supported during the upgrade process.
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      Wayne Luke
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