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    I have used the sitebuilder and found how to add the menu links. But for the links we need to give an url. I have seen some JSON variables but I don't know how to use them
    Is there any tutorials / listing of available urls and variables, and how to use them to create custom pages ?

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    You would only use JSON in the URL if you want to link to a specific search result. It is actually easier to create a new custom page, add a search module and then select what you want the module to show on the page. You can give this new page any title and URL that you want when saving.

    To create a custom page, you could click on New Page. When you save the page, it will ask what URL you want it to have. Once the page is created you can create a link to it in the navigation bar.

    Is there something specific that you're trying to do?
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      ok thanks, I will look at this.
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