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Administrator posting with UNAPPROVED message

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  • Trevor Hannant
    For others info, the user concerned was in multiple usergroups - a secondary usergroup was causing the posts to go for moderation.

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  • alalex
    Problem solved, thank you so much Mark ! Kind regards from Argentina.

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  • Mark.B
    This will be a permissions issue of some sort.

    Quickest way to solve it would be to raise a support ticket, describe the problem, and let us have two forum accounts:
    1. An admin with full permissions
    2. An 'ordinary user' for whom the problem exists

    We can then get the permissions worked out so they can post.

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  • Jenoah
    Although it might not be any answer to you, I wanted to say this anyway.

    I as well have this problem and I also have given the permissions in groups, channels and anything other posts told me.
    At my site, the Administrator can post with approval, but some other groups can't.
    My current VB version is 5.3.2 and I do not use any spam checker (for so far as I know)

    Because Alalex made this topic and I have the same problem, I thought it might be a bit too much to create another one, since we both have the same problem.

    I hope somebody can help us, since this problem is getting a bit frustrating because I have to manually approve every post.

    Thanks upfront


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  • alalex
    started a topic Administrator posting with UNAPPROVED message

    Administrator posting with UNAPPROVED message

    Hello everyone
    I have problems with posting as an administrator, every message appears as "unapproved" as you can see in the picture, I tried everything (forum permission, user groups permission) from CP, but I couldn't fix it.
    How do I fix it ?

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