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Is it possible to allow user settings privacy to be set to self only?

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  • Is it possible to allow user settings privacy to be set to self only?

    One of my users raised this concern that they don't want other people looking at their visitor messages and such. Am I right in reckoning this can't currently be done?
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    Look here: Hide Visitor Messages Page


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      Your user can set his/her user settings privacy to either be Everyone (Visitor messages can be seen by members including unregistered users), Members (Only forum members can see the visitor messages) Subscribers (Only those who are subscribe to the user can see visitor message).

      1st Option If the user don't want others to see visitor message the close option to select is Subscribers which can be configure by on the user profile page - Edit settings - Privacy - Visitor Messages select most suitable option and click save.

      2nd option If this an issue for that particular user, you can edit that very user profile from User profile page - click on the pencil icon - you will be redirected to admincp - look down right where you have Browsing Options - Enable Visitor Messaging - click no and save

      For the 2nd option no user will be able to post visitor message on that user page. I hope these helps you.
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        delicjous: Thanks, I'll check that out.

        Naijasite: Pretty much as I understood it. Thanks for confirming.


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