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Moderator Panel - missing options

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  • Moderator Panel - missing options

    After recent update (probably 5.3.2) moderator control panel has lost all options.
    Only search IP addresses is there now. No option to ban person.

    Also, edited posts content by moderator not always appear as edited. The content stays as original post after edition.

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    OK, I have found some options in Moderator Permissions were ticked off. Strange, as I never changed them in there.


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      It is always a good idea to verify permissions after an upgrade. Sometimes, we make changes that can have an adverse effect or there may be a bug that wasn't caught in testing.

      Moderators should not be able to actually modify posts in the ModCP. This functionality shouldn't even appear. They should make edits on the front end. If they want to see what needs to be moderated they should click on "Messages" or "Notifications" (the latter only appears if you have vBulletin Messager turned on) and click on the Moderate queue in their Message Center. That will give them the option to view the message in its entirety and edit if needed.

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