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Group members canīt see the groups in list

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  • Group members canīt see the groups in list

    Hi there,

    I am using version 5.3.2 and a user told me today that he can not see any groups when he is on the group page.
    But he can see threads in the last activities...

    So I tested this and in fact: Group owner and Admin can see the groups listed on the page.... but group members donīt see the group list.
    For the topics, answers and comments in latest activity everything works fine.

    Is this a known issue or are suddenly any of my settings wrong (I have checked them and canīt solve this problem)
    I am sure that this was working okay

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    Do your users have the "Can View Channel" and "Can Join/Subscribe Channel" permissions?
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      Yes they have, and I am now talking about users who are already member of a group and can see all its post in the "Activity"-Tab... but they canīt see the group (where they are member) in in the "group"-tab...


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