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    I have some questions about 'HELP' page from the bottom.

    1. I am translating 'Help' page by adding another language in 'Search in Phrase' and checked the help page by hitting 'F5' but it shows the second language just for 1 second and rolls back to English whatever I selected another language from the dropdown menu at the bottom, it keeps changing back to English. and I can only see the 'forum, topic and posts' in a different langauge when refreshing the browser which is the first help item.

    2. I won't allow users to use facebook connect so I would like to remove the 'Facebook Connect' in 'General Help' both in the left menu and the right content.

    Please advise me how to do with these.

    Thank you always.
    Last edited by imgnrm; Sun 16th Jul '17, 11:52am.

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