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I deleted the vbulletin master language.

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  • I deleted the vbulletin master language.

    These are my actions:
    • In my site there were Italian language and language english (us)
    • I have activated as the main Italian language
    • I was wrong and I deleted the language english.
    • I have recreated a language in English from the admin CP, and I installed the language in the vb5 (upload / core / install / vbulletin-language.xml) folder
    • I canceled the Italian language
    • Now in the site I only have the English language
    • When I go to control the language, the phrases still appear in Italian, although I have definitely deleted the Italian language
    How do I install the original language english (US), without any custom phrase, the official I mean. I want to get a clean language on the site without custom phrases.

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    I've deleted all the phrases from the ''_phrases'' database which did not match the ID of the original language of the site.

    I did the risky procedure, but working, right?


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      You should never start hacking about in the database. If you break something, your only option will be to restore from a backup.

      Probably the simplest fix for this is to upload the /core/install folder again for you version and run the upgrade script, it will reimport the master language as part of that.

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