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    I need some help. I was in my Admin area of my site and I changed the URL to include the Index.php now my site is not working correctly. I changed it because I could not get my Android app to connect so I thought adding the index.php in the admin area would help. Well I was wrong. How can I fixe this I tried to restore backup and that did not work. I tried to upgrade but that did not work I would appreciate any help you could give me.

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    You'll need to log into the AdminCP and change the URL back. If you cannot log into the AdminCP, you can upload the tools.php file from your vBulletin package's do_not_upload folder. Place it in /core/admincp. Then upload the /core/install folder from your vBulletin package's upload folder. Access the tools.php by going to /admincp/tool.php on your site. Enter your customer id. On the next menu, you'll be able to change the URL. Do not add index.php to your URL.
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      Thank you. That worked for me. I appreciate it.


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