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When logged in Forums shows unlimited Posts in Thread

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  • When logged in Forums shows unlimited Posts in Thread


    When i am logged in and enter a thread it should normaly go on 15 Posts to another page.
    But it Shows me unlimited number of Posts.
    Site Editor and its conversation Detail-Modul is set to 15
    When not logged in everything Looks pretty...

    Whats the Problem..?
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    There's a user level setting that can override the module default setting. Go to User Settings > Account, then scroll down to Posts Per Page dropdown.

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      Thanks for your Answer.

      But how can i Change the Settings global..? I am not the only one...


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        Ideally, each user would have to go to their settings page and update it. However, this probably won't happen quickly. You could run this query to set all users to the default per page value:

        update users set maxposts='-1';

        This may have adverse effects on users where the setting is working correctly and they will need to manually change it back.
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          Thanx for your answer, Wayne...

          But i think it is update user set maxposts='-1';

          I have done it.


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