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5.3.0 MySQL Error

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  • 5.3.0 MySQL Error

    Hey guys,

    I upgraded to 5.3.0 not long ago (PHP 7.0.19, MySQL 5.6.35) and yesterday my boards started throwing about four of the same error. Different users, but the same basic error (at the bottom, bolded):

    Database error in vBulletin 5.3.0:

    Invalid SQL:

    SELECT DISTINCT node.starter AS nodeid
    FROM node as node
    SELECT read_closure.child AS nodeid
    FROM node AS node
    USE INDEX (node_pubdate)
    INNER JOIN closure AS read_closure
    ON node.nodeid = read_closure.child
    INNER JOIN noderead AS noderead
    ON noderead.nodeid = read_closure.parent
    AND noderead.userid = 5571
    AND noderead.readtime > 1496010972
    WHERE node.publishdate > 1496010972
    AND node.publishdate <= noderead.readtime
    GROUP BY (read_closure.child)
    ) AS noderead ON noderead.nodeid = node.nodeid LEFT JOIN node AS starter ON starter.nodeid = IF(node.starter = 0, node.nodeid, node.starter)

    WHERE node.contenttypeid <> 23 AND
    node.inlist = 1 AND
    node.publishdate > 1496010972 AND noderead.nodeid IS NULL
    node.contenttypeid <> '27' AND
    node.protected <> '1'
    AND (node.public_preview = 1 OR ( ( ( (starter.parentid IN (1,3,16,17,2,19,15,18,26,33,6327,6358,9383,21450,21452,27,34,2824,9339,13389,25,32,53,4317 ,13159,13400,16961,5023,6360,19473,5797,10831,28,13158,13392,2826,6326,16962,4318,19474,50 24,9385,5795,13394,16959,19475,10834,13395,16960,19476,9332,9333) ) AND node.showapproved > 0 AND node.viewperms > 0 AND node.showpublished > 0 ))
    OR starter.parentid = 10 AND node.userid IN (5571)))

    ORDER BY eventstartdate DESC,node.nodeid ASC
    LIMIT 500


    MySQL Error : Unknown column 'eventstartdate' in 'order clause'
    Error Number : 1054

    Any idea what this is (the search engine?) or how to resolve this? (It looks like a table is missing a column, but I can't imagine how or why that happened. This is not a very customized vB5 installation in terms of third-party extensions or anything.) You've advised me that I've been targeted by SQL injections in the past so now I'm pretty circumspect about checking in on these.


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    This is a known issue. Unfortunately, there is no workaround. We have a fix slated for 5.3.2. It is caused when people try to order their search by event start date. You can read more here:
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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      Thanks for the update Wayne!


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