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New forum catagories URL is incorrect.

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  • New forum catagories URL is incorrect.


    I have just upgraded my back-up forum on my NAS to the latest VB 5.3.0 version from the previous version 5.2.5 I think.
    Everything seemed OK but I have just tried to create a couple of catagories and they don't work.

    The address I was expecting is

    The address that comes up by clicking the link is

    If I click on the link I get a 404 error.
    If I manually shorten the link by removing the extra /forum I get a vbulletin page that says Invalid Page URL. If this is an error and the page should exist, please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message.

    All other forum features are working with the correct address eg.

    Any idea what has gone wrong please?

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    If you're running a test mirror you need to make sure the URL settings in the admincp reflect the actual location of the forum.

    The double "forum" is normally because the forum is installed in a folder called "forum". The first /forum is the physical location, the second /forum is the content type.

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      If you have your vBulletin 5 site installed in a /forum/ directory then the correct default url will be /forum/forum/discussions. This includes your /forum/ directory then the default Forum channel and then finally the discussions channel.

      Looking at your registered site, it appears you have vBulletin 5 installed as a subdirectory of vBulletin 4. This can cause problems if you're using an .htaccess for rewrites in the vB4 installation. You need to edit vBulletin 5's .htaccess file and set the RewriteBase line at the top of the file. Instructions are in the file. This will make sure that vBulletin 4's settings don't interfere.

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        Hi Mark
        This is a full install of VB5 and is purely used by members if the main forum ever goes down.
        There is no content on it, only members who have registered on this backup forum have access to it.
        I just use it to update them on progress of any work on the main forum but need a couple of catagories to do this.

        I have checked the admincp site name/url/contact page and all seems correct with the address as

        If the /forum/forum is correct then I have the 404 Page Not Found error to deal with, any suggestions?


        • In Omnibus
          In Omnibus commented
          Editing a comment
          Have you tried removing the /forum from the end of the address? If you were expecting as per post #1 then the files should be uploaded to the root directory (typically public_html) and not to a sub-folder of that directory titled "forum" which is where your link is pointing. Wayne seems to have some specific information about your site in post #3 that should help you out.

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        I have deleted the two I had created, test and discussions. Created a new forum called Discussions by using the add child on the Forum channel.
        It is created but clicking the link takes you to a forum/forum 404 error page again.


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          Just to clear this up.
          My main VB4.2.5 forum runs on a dedicated server.
          My emergency backup VB5.3.0 forum is run on a Synology NAS at home.
          Neither is or has ever been run on the same server or in a sub folder.


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            Right, I decided that this must be an issue with the upgrade.

            I uploaded the files again and ran the upgrade script again.

            Everything now works correctly.


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