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After upgrade from 5.2.5 to 5.3.0 pagination in search result not functioning

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  • After upgrade from 5.2.5 to 5.3.0 pagination in search result not functioning

    I've upgraded vBulletin from 5.2.5 to 5.3.0 and now when every user do a search that produce result on multiple pages, only the first page is viewable.
    The first page contains buttons for page 2,3,4,5,6,11,34,next but no one of them have a valid link to the next page.
    Links are all something like /search?r=0&p=2
    Every pagination link has r=0 and the correct page number

    The same problem in advanced search: every pagination links contains r=0
    Pagination in thread is on the contrary going very well.
    Only pagination in search results give problems.

    Why pagination is broken?

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    Try clearing system cache in AdminCP.

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      Yes I've already in Admincp
      - cleared system cache
      - rebuild Search Index
      - rebuild Topic Information

      The problem persists also for logged than unlogged users


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        The r should have a value other than 0. It is supposed to contain the value of the search result. Since it contains 0, the system doesn't even know what page to load.

        Do you have any customized templates or replacement variables? You should revert those. Do you have any add-on products, template hooks, or extensions enabled? If so you should disable them and see if the system works properly.

        The only other thing that I can think of is that you're using some sort of server-side caching that is breaking the system or a tool like mod_security is stripping the value of r for some reason.
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          I've found the solution!
          For some obscure reason the table vb_searchlog loosed Autoincrement on field searchloggid and had default value =0
          Removing "default value = 0" and setting "autoincrement = true" solved the problem

          Thank you for your support!


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