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Wrong forum path after I changed its parent

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  • Wrong forum path after I changed its parent


    I had a subforum sub1 nested in the forum forum1. The link was:
    Then I created a new forum forum2 and I moved sub1 to the new forum. The new address to sub1 should be, but it is still the old link.

    Note: the correct nesting is displayed in the start page and in the forums forum1 and forum2. Only the link to sub1 is broken.
    Note 2: if I try to access the link, it doesn't work. Even though sub1 is now in the forum forum2.

    I tried to erase the cache in "Maintenance -> Clear System Cache", but it didn't work.

    Do I need to do anything else?
    Did I do something wrong?

    Attached you can see two images, which show the navigation to sub1 before and after I moved it to the new forum.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Edit the page in Sitebuilder. Then when saving the page, it will show a form that will allow you to change the URL.

    You should also do that whenever you rename a forum not just when you move it.

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      There is a JIRA to update the URL when the channel name changes here:

      Same would apply to when you move it.

      Here is a related JIRA that would expose the URL in the Channel Management tools within the AdminCP -
      Translations provided by Google.

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        Thank you!


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