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Problem by adding manually users via admincp

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  • Problem by adding manually users via admincp


    when I try to manually add any users in the admin CP, i set the following options (standard, I only change name, password and mail addy).

    Click image for larger version

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    This worked in the past (vb 4 etc) fine for me. Surprisingly I receive now the following error message:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	add_user2.PNG
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    what actually means
    "the primary uesrgroup of the users is also the additional user group. please change the primary or the additional user group".

    I dont understand that problem. Can someone help me here?

    If I set the primary group to "unregistered" I can add the users. I have to edit the user manually then and set his primary group to "registered user". Thats a workaround, but quite elaborate.

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    Is this with VB 5.3.0 or some other version?

    I was able to create users on 5.3.0 following your instructions without issue, but both sites were in English. Have you tried doing this using the English language to see if it works?

    Also, I do believe there is a check, the username and password can't be identical, but that should give a different error.
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      I originally installed a fresh 5.2.6 and had the problem from the beginning.
      I updated to 5.3.0 and problem remained.

      Name and Password are not the same.

      I just tried it with the original language file, but same problem: "This user's primary usergroup is also listed as a secondary group for this user. Please change the primary group or remove the secondary group."


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        Bust I just realized, that there seems to be a problem with the language manager.

        I can not change the language after I installed two languages (englisch and german).
        I need to delete the old language (e. g. englisch) so that I can change the forum into german language.

        If I install then again the englisch language and change to use it, it wont change and stays german. I need to delete the german language again so that the forum runs in englisch language.
        The same problem if I want to change then back to german language.


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          any idea? anyone?


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            What do you mean you can't change languages? Is there an error message? Does the changes not take? (It doesn't get saved?) Deleting English is never a good idea, you don't need to make it accessible to users but it should always exist for support reasons if nothing else.


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              There isnt any cange in the language if i change back to english language. It "looks like its changed", but the language phrases stay the same.


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                If the phrases don't change then your translations are probably incorrect and English phrases were translated when they shouldn't have been. Or you're using a caching system like Varnish.
                I can't recreate the problem of creating a user. What happens if you chose a usergroup other than Registered Users.
                Translations provided by Google.

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