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Very weird problem with charset

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  • Very weird problem with charset

    Hi, i am sorry to bother again with charset problems.

    This issue is on our production server (we are migrating, previous issues were in test).

    Everything displays fine and seems to be encoded in UTF8, except :
    - the months trnslation in french.
    -URLs that keep having weird characters in them, for instance :ée-sous-marine/scubanews-les-actualités-plongée/70168-click-dive-site-de-réservation-de-plongée

    Anyone know how i could get rid of this before acutally opening the server ?

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    we are doing the upgrade again to check if we still have the problem.
    I have to say that, as usual, charsets are a real pain...


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        You should set header in templates with UTF8
        and when export/import and creating new database are too so you will not have problem with charset.
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          Originally posted by Mattwhf View Post
          You should set header in templates with UTF8.
          Nobody should be editing templates for that purpose.

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            Hi and many thanks to all of you for your answers.

            I am sorry for answering late but we tanked our migration because of this and i took 2 days away from it to change my mind .

            Ok so here is my problem :

            We did the upgrade from 3.0.7 to 5.2.5 on our DEV server a few months ago and everything is working fine (except one or 2 problems but nothing big). you can see it here :
            As you can see, both urls and cotent are displayed without any charset issue.

            Now, we did the same (or so we think) on our production server and we had :
            Charset issues solved by moving the charset of the languages to utf-8
            Charset issues described above in the URLs.

            I believe it might be related to the $config['Mysqli']['charset'] = 'utf8'; statement that maybe we kept commented on one and uncommented on the other one.
            Now, can semone tell me which one would lead to which behaviour ?
            Thanks in advance.


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              Hi again,

              Ok i did some more testing yesterday and in the end i believe i found my solutions :
              with the mysqli charset set to utf8 : i have to set the languages to utf-8 and i have the URL issues.
              With the mysqli charset to latin1 : everything seems to be working fine.

              Now i know latin1 is kind of outdated but i think i am going to stick with it.


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                You should use whichever works best at this time. In the future, we will most likely force everyone to use UFT-8. There is a lot of testing that has to be done first.
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                  That is what i plan on doing

                  When utf8 is working and forced, i guess you will include the migration in the update so i am not that worried.
                  Note that except the URLs problem everything seems to be working fin in utf8, but one little detail : the french translation of months didn't work sith the é and ù, even after removing them form the translation in the admin panel...


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                    Do you have your locale set to fr_FR.UTF-8 or fr_FR? Also, make sure your server supports the local that you choose. Server Admins don't always load all the locales.
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