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Download attachment filename is broken

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  • Wayne Luke
    Since the beginning of vBulletin, the way double-byte characters are stored is to turn them into HTML entities and store them in the database that way. These are then pulled out and it is up to the browser to translate them properly. We've never truly supported UTF-8. The only way to handle UTF-8 in vBulletin is that it is the complete cycle. Your database has to be UTF-8, your language file has to be UTF-8. And you must configure vBulletin to communicate to MySQL in UTF-8 via the /core/includes/config.php. There is no information in your topic that helps to diagnose if there is a problem with your UTF-8 installation.

    There is work behind the scenes to improve this but it is a lot of work to change practices that have been in place for 18 years and figure out what the database information actually is. Especially with having to support an outdated version of MySQL like MySQL 5.1.5.

    So at this time, I don't know why it isn't working in IE. My recommendation is to not use IE. As time goes on we'll provide better support for UTF-8. When we will have full UTF-8 support, I don't know. If you feel this is a bug, then enter it into JIRA here:

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  • idis
    I think so..

    it can be IE problem.

    but double byte filename attachment has correct filename when uploded and displayed in post using IE.

    just filename is broken when downloading double byte filename attachment.

    I think upload can be correct because IE not change filename to utf-8

    but displaying is equl to downloading?

    view post or download attachment
    then server send query to DB and DB send query result(filename) with utf-8 character setting
    query result with utf-8 character setting is sent http format to IE

    so displayed attachment filename in post is correct but downloaded filename is broken is strange..

    or IE only has problem when creating file with utf-8? not displaying?

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  • Wayne Luke
    If it works in Chrome, then the issue is probably IE. IE doesn't have the best support for UTF-8 in URLs. Unfortunately, IE is no longer being developed so I am not sure how to have this fixed.

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  • idis
    started a topic Download attachment filename is broken

    Download attachment filename is broken

    When downloading attachment(name with double byte character), file name is broken.

    IE10 -> downloading all files(name with double bytes) are changed to 'fetch'
    e.g) doublebytesname.jpg -> fetch
    doublebytesname2.pdf -> feach
    ....and so on

    IE11 -> download all files(name with double bytes) are broken.
    e.g) doublebytesname.jpg -> ~~Gibberis~~h.jpg
    english(single byte filename)+doublebytesname.pdf -> english+~~Gibberish~~.pdf

    uploaded and displayed file name in post is not broken.

    contents of file is not broken..
    change file name and extension, then file works well.

    it's an IE problem??
    but other site is working well with double byte filename..

    how to fix this problem with vbulletin language settings or DB language settings?

    my forum server mysql settings

    charset-server :utf8
    collation-server :utf8unicode_ci

    DB collation:utf8unicode_ci

    this situation occurred after forum upgrade 3.6.4 to 5.2.5

    in chrome, everything works well
    Last edited by idis; Wed 5 Apr '17, 10:18pm.

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