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  • [Bug / Issue] Email notifications

    Just started playing around with email notifications recently. I set my own up just on 'on' it got a little spammy, way too may emails. So I changed it to daily thinking I would get 1 email per day, like a roundup of all activity on my subscriptions and such. However, I still seem to get a ton of emails, but all in one go, rather than as and when people comment.

    My users are setup to receive email notifications weekly, will they also be getting an email for each new activity, rather than like a weekly roundup? Seem a little strange if so, any way of changing or modifying, if that is the case?

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    This is a known issue. There is a JIRA here:

    You can place your comments on this issue by clicking the link. While there, you should vote for it. We use votes to help judge priority.
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