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    Glenn Vergara
    Former vBulletin Developer

  • Glenn Vergara
    Try doing the AdminCP > Maintenance > General Update Tools > Update User Titles and Ranks

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  • SteveAngelis
    New Member

  • SteveAngelis
    started a topic User Ranks/Titles

    User Ranks/Titles

    I have gone through the manual and am still a bit confused regarding the setup of user ranks and titles.

    I created a user group called 'Rank 1' is the Usergroup Manager.
    I created a user rank in the User Rank Manager with the same name and pointed it to the user group called Rank 1. This rank has a rank image, minimum posts is 0 since this rank is not tied to posts, number of times is set to 1, stack is yes, display type is 'If Displaygroup', and rank image is verified to be linked correctly.
    I added a user to this group as a secondary group.
    I set the 'Display Usergroup' to the group Rank 1.

    After all this the users rank and title do not appear on the user's profile. Am I missing something?

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