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How do I change the forum home page to show the forum topics?

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  • Nt_loader
    Thank You!

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  • Joe D.
    Though not officially supported if you wanted to do exactly what you describe and are on Apache (so your .htaccess file works) there is a 2 part solution.

    First create a new php file in your forum root called custom_index.php it should include the following code only
    PHP Code:
    ("Location:"); /* Redirect browser */
    NOTE- I copied the URL you supplied but the site seems to be broken/offline. Make sure you use the correct value in this file.

    Then edit the .htaccess file in the same directory and at the very top of the file add the following lines:

    #Alternate default index page
    DirectoryIndex custom_index.php
    That will make the default landing page the forum page you specified.

    However to view the actual landing page in the future you will need to specify the index.php page and not just but

    Luckily you can make those changes in the navigation bar in Site Builder and also in Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / UR: / Contact Details you can set the setting Header Logo URL to the same index.php URL.

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  • Nt_loader
    Thanks Mark, I will give your suggestion a try but, can you tell me how I can make the changes if I want to have only one forum?

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  • Mark.B
    That is just a link to a specific forum on the site.

    Unless you (like them) only have one single forum, you're probably better building a homepage. I have some instructions here:

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  • How do I change the forum home page to show the forum topics?


    How can I make the forum topics my main page?

    For example, I want this page to be the main page when people come to my site:

    Thank You

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