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odd charachters on line break

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  • odd charachters on line break

    if you hit return now after the upgrade to 5.2.6 while typing a response... you get this showing up ​​​​​​​

    and if you remove you get a Â* on every line.

    Only affects new posts and the message system. comments section this does not happen.

    Server Type Linux Users to Moderate 0 [View]
    Web Server Apache Topics to Moderate 0
    PHP 7.0.15 Posts to Moderate 0
    PHP Max Post Size 8.00 MB MySQL Version 5.6.35
    PHP Maximum Upload Size 2.00 MB MySQL Packet Size 256.00 MB
    PHP Memory Limit 32.00 MB
    Number of Queued E-Mails 0

    Last edited by Glen Combe; Fri 17 Feb '17, 8:58am.

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    I broke the ckeditor and forced it to plain text and the line break issue went away.


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      This doesn't happen on a default installation.

      What language is your site using?

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      • Glen Combe
        Glen Combe commented
        Editing a comment
        so for some reason.. or maybe it was set before... english language pack was set to ISO-8859-1 for the character set. I changed to UTF-8 and it solved this? 1 question though. When I look at my english language pack... all the stuff on the far right is in german? shouldnt it be all english if I am in the english lang pack?

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      UTF-8 and I have set that in my .htaccess as well. and I have that set as my servers default locale. was working flawless on 5.2.5?


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