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    I purchased vbulletin yesterday and have got quite a few things set up on my forum, but I am struggling with some basic things I hope you can help me with. Please note I do not have any coding knowledge, so if you can "baby step" me through what I need to to do, I would be very grateful.

    Firstly, although I have found the settings to change font size for many areas of the site, I cannot find the setting for changing the font size for my list of "forums" as shown on my site here, I want the text larger:

    Plus, as you can see on the right hand side where people have replied to topics, that text and date is also too small for me. How do I change those settings?

    Secondly, when I click on a forum which brings up a list of topics, where is the setting where I can change the background colour where the topics are? Like here, the background is white:

    The final initial colour option I am struggling with, is the colour of the reply box which is also still white like here:

    How do I change that colour?


    There seems to be a issue with avatar sizing, ie its not doing it correctly. I've looked at avatar settings in control panel, but there is no setting there. Is there a way to change how avatars are sized?


    When I initially created the site yesterday, I found the sitebuilder somewhat confusing and have made some basic mistakes which I don't know how to undo.

    Basically, I want a home page for my site that does NOT contain the list of forums/topics etc. But I've messed things up and the home page lists all the forums which I don't want. How can I alter this?

    And related, I've created an extra tier/level which I do not want. If you look here the word forum is used twice in the breadcrumbs:

    I basically want to take me to the home page of the forum where I will post a little welcome message for users, but I don't want that to be the list of "forums" on that page.

    Does that make any sense?

    Finally, just as a suggestion. Some of the terminology/phrases that vbulletin uses are very confusing.... I have yet to get my head around what a "node" is. "Channel," I'm working on, but think of a tv channel every time I see the word! But my biggest gripe I have is with the use of the word "forum" and phpbb also call lots of things "forum" too.

    A forum is the whole site. The message board. What you are calling a forum, is in fact a category. Is there any chance whatsoever that you could rethink the use of the term forum and change it to category in a future release? I notice in vb5, you have changed the word thread to topic. EXCELLENT! Can we have more of that. More "English" and less tech speak?

    So the forum should be the whole page. Next comes sections. Then categories (and sub categories if needed, please don't use the term "child" in anything) and finally topics, then posts.

    Many thanks

    Ps: I love VB5.
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    Considering this software has cost me $300 and newer posts have been answered. As a new admin and customer of vbulletin, I would expect as a minimum my questions to be answered or escalated to someone who can answer them. At least for the few first months after purchase anyway. If not, then I'll be seeking a refund.

    And my support ticket in the members area has also not been answered recently. These issues are impacting on my forum. I am sure they are minor for you to resolve and I would appreciate a more speedier response in the future.

    thank you.


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      For the forum list titles, change this stylevar:
      AdminCP > Style Manager > Choose Action > Style Variable Editor
      Use the search box and paste the stylevar name in there.
      These stylevars cover a large amount of styling customisations.

      For the background of the non-sticky topics in a topic list, you'll need to add the following css:
      .topic-list-container .topic-list .topic-item .cell-topic {
      background: #FFFFFF;
      Change '#FFFFF' to whatever color you want.

      CSS like this gets added using SIte Builder at the front end:
      Edit Site > Style > CSS Editor

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        The /forum/forum is deliberate.....the first 'forum' is the actual physical folder you have installed the software in.
        The second one is the content type.

        So you have these content types, as examples:

        What you could do, is move the forum up one level so it's in the root.
        To do this, FIRST amend the URL settings in AdminCP > Settings > Options > Site Name / URL / Contact Details
        There are three settings (one of which has /core at the sure to leave /core there!)
        Change all three settings to remove the /forum part.
        THEN, move all the files up one level on the server.

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