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  • Broke Site Builder

    Not sure if it was because of a static HTML element I inserted or what but I can't edit any pages now and somehow all the text on my forums is centered.

    When I click on edit page I get the element boxes but the layout below is missing. I can edit the header and footer, just no pages.

    I tried searching and already tried the following. I set Disable PHP, Static HTML, and Ad Module rendering to yes. I also uploaded the tools.php and did a "Reset Pages". Neither fixed the issue.
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    Also all of the text on my forums is centered now. Again, may be related to a static HTML element. This morning up uploaded and overwrote the standard files and re-ran the upgrade. That did not fix the issue either.


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        RESOLVED - It was a disabled ad in the 2nd ad header panel. I deleted the ad and everything works. Kind of buggy though.


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          Glad you figured it out. Invalid HTML in Ad, PHP and Static HTML modules may cause you to break the entire site. Those modules don't do HTML validation.

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